Publikováno: 30. 11. 1999

No Barriers with Joel Barish - Bez bariér s Joelem Barischem

Cesty s neslyšícím Joelem Barischem po světě - bez bariér - poznávání lidí a míst
No Barriers with Joel Barish - Bez bariér s Joelem Barischem

No Barriers with Joel Barish

Joel Barish is on an endless search for unique stories about amazing people and far out places. Destinations around the world are waiting to be discovered, and stories are waiting to be told. Equipped with a love for Deaf culture and a video camera, thrill-seeking adventurer Joel Barish travels to places near and far to uncover incredible hidden stories. Joel has walked on the enormous glaciers of Greenland, sought out natives deep in the jungles of Panama, and climbed the mast of a 1,200 foot tower in Macau. Joel refuses to let any barrier stand in the way of experiencing anything that gets thrown his way.

No Barriers is a documentary-style show, bringing a perspective that only a deaf person can offer, entertaining viewers with stories that warm the heart and astonish the mind. In his travels, Barish participates in adventures, tastes unique cuisine, and faces no barriers. With a knack for finding Deaf people’s stories in the most remote parts of the world, and his firsthand knowledge of the rich Deaf culture, No Barriers With Joel Barish offers a truly refreshing insight into human nature.


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