In the Czech Republic nine specialised museological and methodical centres have been set up to provide information and services to the owners and the administrators of museum collections and to other interested parties, to issue methodical guidelines and texts and to provide consultations.


The Centre for the Presentation of Cultural Heritage

The Centre originated as an initiative of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic to fulfil one of the goals of the Effective Movable Heritage Care conception of the Czech Republic for the years 2003 – 2008. The Centre is an independent department of the National Museum with its seat in the National Museum New Building - the former seat of the Federal Assembly - engaged in documentation, methodical, educational and consulting services.


The Methodological Centre for the Documentation, the Preservation and the Restoration of Musical Instruments — MCMI

The primary objective of the Centre is the creation of methodologies to be used for the documentation, the preservation and the restoration of musical instruments, which provide professional support to institutions or individuals who are interested in the field of the proper evaluation, documentation and treatment of musical instruments and also in the principle areas of the proper handling of musical instruments.


CITeM — Museums Information Technology Centre

CITeM is a methodical centre established at the Moravian Provincial Museum in Brno that is designated for the verification and development of information technologies, especially in the areas of documentation and records and, in addition, the protection and presentation of collections, in the standardisation and interoperability of memory institutions, counselling and training.


MCK — The Methodical Centre for Conservation

A methodical centre has been established at the Technical Museum in Brno for the purposes of the conservation and the restoration of the Czech museums’ collections; it provides a comprehensive service in regard to the areas of preventive conservation, sanitation and restoration (exploration, intervention methodology, treatment of items, consultancy, verification, development of new conservation and restoration technologies, training of museum staff and university students).


MCMP — The Methodical Centre of Museum Pedagogy at the Moravian Provincial Museum

A methodical centre for museums’ communication with children and youth (including persons with disabilities) and for communicating collections to this substantial group of museum audiences; it provides museum pedagogy, museum educational functions, creativity, education for museum attendance and cooperation with schools.


The Methodical Centre for Museums of Fine Arts (galleries) at the National Gallery in Prague

The Methodical Centre at the National Gallery in Prague was established in 2001 by the Ministry of Culture as the first methodical centre in the Czech museology after 1989.


CENS — The Centre for New Strategies of the Museum Presentation at the Moravian Gallery in Brno

A methodical centre for areas of new strategies of presentation and reception of visual and art culture in the museum context.


The Methodical Centre for Book Culture and Literary Museums

The Methodical Centre for Book Culture and Literary Museum that has been established at the National Literature Memorial is a partner of the Czech Republic’s Memory Institutions in regard to the solution of methodical and methodological problems, starting with the concepts of collecting activities, documentation, preservation, exhibition and presentation of documents for book culture. At the same time it provides methodical consultations for the literary department of museums, specialised literary museums and memorial sites dedicated to writers.


Methodical Centre for Museums in Nature

The Methodical Centre for Museums in Nature focuses on methodical and museological assistance, counselling, education and research activities for museums in nature and thereby it contributes to improving the protection, presentation and interpretation of folk cultural heritage in the environment of museums in nature.